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About me

I am Noémi Varga, biologist, wingwave coach, wife and mother.

One of my friends said to me once: "We can only tolerate each other, because we've known each other since childhood." Then I just laughed at it, I didn't attach much importance to this statement.

First, my husband tried to explain wingwave to me, what it is, what it is good for and how it can help me.  I didn't believe him at first, I told him to leave me alone. The real breakthrough came after the birth of my daughter. I got postpartum depression. That's when I started thinking about trying out wingwave...and what a good decision it was! 

About wingwave

Why is it good?

  • It relies on the latest results of brain research, and its effect is scientifically proven
  • Solving emotional blocks, bad behavioral patterns and relieving stress from the present, past, fetal age or even transgenerational stress is possible
  • You cannot deceive the method
  • An extremely fast method, a significant change can be achieved in just 1-5 sessions depending on the problem
  • During the sessions the client is conscious and alert
  • There is no need for a lot of exposition or talking
  • It's a very practical method
  • Lasting, long-term effective results can be achieved
  • The internal stability comes to the foreground
  • The positive change can be felt even on the same day

What wingwave can help you with?

  • stressful situations
  • negative feelings about parenthood/childhood
  • relationship and sexual blocks
  • phobias, fears (even inexplicable)
  • old losses, conflicts and relationships
  • panic
  • self-acceptance, body image disorder
  • exam, performance, job interview
  • handling conflict situations
  • sleep problems
  • burn-out
  • workplace problems
  • performance enhancement, increasing creativity
  • addiction (pleasure, foods)
  • fear of doctors and medical interventions
  • fear of flying, confinement, agoraphobia


1st session

1.5 hours

12 000 Ft

From the 2nd sessions

1 hour

7 000 Ft

3 sessions paid at once

35 000 Ft


"It's unbelievable that wingwave solved my years of trauma in one session. I am much more balanced on weekdays since I have been going regularly. I am less tense, my problem solutions are better, I can make decisions with a clearer head even under great pressure. "

Éva L.

I tried the method after a long time knowing it existed. I didn't believe in it at all from the beginning. The only thing that convinced me was that I didn't have to talk about my problems with a stranger, yet she was able to work with me. In a couple of sessions, I got rid of the anger and rage that had accompanied my entire life until then, which poisoned my social and romantic relationships. After a few months, my quality of life improved permanently and radically. "

Zsolt V.

"Honestly, at first I was skeptical about wingwave and the whole coaching thing. It seemed too spiritual humbug to me, but I went because one of my friends asked me to. I didn't see much results the first two times, but I gave it another chance. The third time, however, the result and the change were striking. I became much more liberated and relaxed. In previously stressful situations, I was able to remain confident and put an end to a toxic relationship. It helped me move forward in life and brought relief from years of stress and spasm. This method offers a quick solution to the release of emotional foci, high tensions, and also reveals what they really originate from. I am very grateful for this, I can only recommend it to everyone! "

Attila Cs.

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