For whom could be useful?

Have you ever had any negative thoughts about yourself or your body? Do you have recurring bad feelings? Are you stuck in life, work or your relationship? Are you afraid of something or have a phobia? Are you addicted to something? Are you facing an exam, but are you very nervous or do you suddenly forget everything? Have you had a fight with someone, are you anxious? Are you not sleeping well? 

What wingwave can help you with?

  • stressful situations
  • negative feelings about parenthood/childhood
  • relationship and sexual blocks
  • phobias, fears (even inexplicable)
  • old losses, conflicts and relationships
  • panic
  • self-acceptance, body image disorder
  • exam, performance, job interview
  • handling conflict situations
  • sleep problems
  • burn-out
  • workplace problems
  • performance enhancement, increasing creativity
  • addiction (pleasure, foods)
  • fear of doctors and medical interventions
  • fear of flying, confinement, agoraphobia

As a parent, have you ever felt, that

  • you aren't a good father/mother?
  • your child doesn't like you?
  • you are not enough?
  • you get too tense/nervous/angry when your child cries/ be in a tantrum?

Have you ever felt, like

  • you are not enough?
  • you aren't a good person?
  • you aren't loveable?
  • it was your fault?
  • you are ugly?
  • you are not a good mother/father/child/sibling? 
  • your family members don't like you?
  • you aren't important?
  • you only deserve bad things?
  • you aren't precious?

Do you often say or think like this?

  • I want to forgive, but.....
  • I have a stomach ache, because....
  • I always get upset, when....
  • I can't forget what she/he did/said....
  • It comes to my mind again and again, because/how....
  • I can't get over it, because/how....

If the answer to any of the above is yes, come and try the wingwave coaching!