Wingwave Coaching

The method was developed by the German psychotherapist and psychologist couple Cora Besser-Siegmund and Harry Besser-Siegmund. Qualified coaching procedure based on scientific and medical foundations. Its effectiveness is confirmed by international research and literature. It also has an award from the German Volkswagen concern.

The word "wing" is a metaphor for the flapping of a butterfly's wings, as a result of which significant changes can occur (butterfly effect). The word "wave" comes from the English word "brainwave", which means a flow of creative, fast ideas. 

Wingwave coaching is a stress-relieving, emotional and performance-enhancing method. It deals with emotions, their resolution, and thereby creating an emotional balance. Emotional stability and stress relief can be achieved very efficiently and quickly. 

Why is it good?

  • It relies on the latest results of brain research, and its effect is scientifically proven
  • Solving emotional blocks, bad behavioral patterns and relieving stress from the present, past, fetal age or even transgenerational stress is possible
  • You cannot deceive the method
  • An extremely fast method, a significant change can be achieved in just 1-5 sessions depending on the problem
  • During the sessions the client is conscious and alert
  • There is no need for a lot of exposition or talking
  • It's a very practical method
  • Lasting, long-term effective results can be achieved
  • The internal stability comes to the foreground
  • The positive change can be felt even on the same day

Elements of Wingwave coaching:

  1. Bilateral hemisphere stimulation, such as EMDR                                                                                                           The client is awake and fully aware during the stimulation, which can be done through music or touch. As a result of the stimulation the REM (Rapid eye movement) phase come about, which known from the sleep circle. The brain processes the emotions, which are experienced during the day, and store them in this REM phase.  This stimulation is continuously and successfully used by psychiatrists and psychologists. 
  2. NLC (NeuroLinguistic Coaching)                                                                                                                          Communicational and psychological tool that helps quickly and efficiently. With its help, old, entrenched behavior patterns, beliefs and emotional reactions can be transformed and changed.
  3. Myostatic test                                                                                                                                                                    During the wingwave coaching we use the muscle test to identify the problems. The myostatic test happens on the hand.This test is suitable for revealing problems, because the hand muscles in the cerebrum occupy a particularly large space for neuronal control and processing motor skills and sensor systems. In addition, our cognitive and mental processes also take place here. Therefor, mental stress appears quickly in the hand muscles. 

Wingwave coaching is not psychoteraphy, it is not suitable to replace it. It does not replace medical diagnosis and prescribed treatment, but it greatly support the success of the medical therapy.